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EXTRUDER In the Extrusion press coating of flux on wire is done by pressurizing the flux in the flux cylinder by a ram head attached to the hydraulically actuated piston rod. The Hydraulic and flux cylinder are mounted on robust frame housing. The die head housing and flux cylinder are bolted with high tensile bolts.

DRY MIXER Dry mixer model DM 300 Rotary V is designed to obtain homogenous welding electrode dry powder mix of various dry chemical ingredients of pre determined quantity that depends on the formulae of the electrode. After mixing the same shall be filled in gunny bags with a pre determined quantity for storage purpose.

WIRE STRAIGHTENING & CUTTING MACHINE The wire from the coil stand fed into the high speed spinner by a set of feed rollers. When the wire passes through a high speed spinner housed with five straightening dies got straightened and fed to scaling bar through a cutter nozzle by another set of feed rollers. The scaling bar incorporated with a spring loaded stopper. The wire fed by the feed roller hits and pushes the spring loaded stopper which intern pulls the sliding block incorporated with the cutter nozzle and cutter holder. Once the sliding block moves under the continuously reciprocating hammer and shear action takes place. Once the shearing action takes place the spring loaded stopper return to its original position and the cycle repeated.