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In the Extrusion press coating of flux on wire is done by pressurizing the flux in the flux cylinder by a ram head attached to the hydraulically actuated piston rod. The Hydraulic and flux cylinder are mounted on robust frame housing. The die head housing and flux cylinder are bolted with high tensile bolts.


Power15.0 HP + 10.0 HP + 1.0 HP
Oil Cylinder Capacity200 Tons
Flux Cylinder length800 MM
Flux Cylinder BoreDia 150 MM
Operating Pressure175 kg/cm2
Max. Ram Pressure250 kg/cnm2
Oil Cylinder Stroke1000 MM
Hydraulic Cylinder Bore320 mm
Flux Discharge3300 cc/min.
Specific Pressure1100 kg/cm2 at 250 kg/cm2
800 kg/cm2 at 175 kg/cm2
Ram Forward Speed130 cm/min.
Ram Reverse Speed165 cm/min.
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