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The wire feeder is designed to feed wire of diameter ranging from 2.5 mm to 5.0 mm. The machine consists of two major assembles. 1. Hopper 2. Gear box. The Gear box and hopper are mounted on the table. The wires loaded in hopper are agitated by 2 No’s of hardened and ground integrated roller shafts. At the end of the roller shaft an oscillating unit is fixed. This unit is driven by a connecting rod and cam mechanism with rod end bearing unit. The cam mechanism gets the drive from a standard reduction gear box coupled with 1 HP motor. The wires guided by the wire guide liners fall in-between the pickup rollers. The pickup roller picks up the wires and pushes the wire to the feed rollers in the gear box through wire guides. The wire pushed by the pickup rollers are pushed into the Extruder die head by 2 set of feed rollers assembled on the gear box. The drives for the above pickup roller and feed rollers is through 2 individual Electric motor. The speed of the motor can be varied by rotating hand knob of potentiometer.


Power Pick up5.0 hp A.C. Variable
Power Feeding7.5 hp A.C. Variable
Power Agitating1.0 hp A.C. Variable
Number of Pick up rollers2 NOS ( HcHcr with 60 HRC)
Number of feed rollers4 Nos (Tungsten Carbide)
Diameter of feed rollers130 MM
Wire Sizes2.5 to 5 MM
Wire length350 mm to 450 mm
Feed Rate200 M/MIN
Hopper capacity300 Kgs.
Centre Height from ground level950 mm
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